Paw Paw

Ebony & Zoey

We are Ebony and Zoey. We are both 13 year old Shitzu girlies. We are both victims of domestic violence. We love our mom so much and she loves us. Our mom’s abuser stopped hitting her and would hurt us to make her stay with him. There were times when we were hung out of the car window and it was so scary. Other times we would be kicked. My mom finally had a plan to get away. She moved us all the way from Illinois to Las Vegas to escape this unsafe home. When we first arrived in Las Vegas we had nowhere to go or stay. We lived in the car with her for several weeks until a local rescue organization found us. The rescue group told our mom about The Shade Tree and Noah’s Animal House.  As soon as she found out about them, we all checked in. We are with other pets that have been through the same thing as us. We are so glad that we can all be safe with our moms.

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