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The mission of Noah’s Animal House is to provide on-site pet shelter and care for victims of domestic violence. Our strategy is to offer a turnkey solution to domestic violence shelters who would like to remove the “no pets allowed” policy. Each year the number of domestic violence shelters that offer some level of pet assistance for their clients is growing. Please check out A Safe Place for Pets for a current directory for safe havens for pets, like Noah’s Animal House.

These programs, which may be called “safe havens for pets,” “animal safehouses” or “pet safe keeping” programs, vary considerably in scope and structure. Some are independent nonprofit organizations; others are formal partnerships between domestic violence shelters and animal agencies; still others consist simply of a network of volunteers. Programs may house animals on-site at a domestic violence shelter at an animal shelter, at a veterinary clinic or boarding facility, in foster homes, or in another setting. This directory is for informational purposes only.

Noah’s Animal House makes no representation or endorsement as to the services provided by these programs.

The Animal Welfare Institute also maintains a directory of programs that offer assistance with pets in domestic violence.

If you are a domestic violence shelter with over 100 client beds and would be interested in collaborating with Noah’s Animal House at your location, please email us directly at



Approximately 10% of domestic violence shelters offer pet service
Yet 70% of households include a pet
To date, we have served 34 states

Victims have been traveling thousands of miles to Noah’s, driving past other women’s shelters in neighboring states for one reason only – their family pet needed to be part of their fresh start.
With your help, we can offer safety and support to even more strong women and their pets across America.

The women are some of the strongest and most courageous women you will ever meet. They deserve our support, understanding, dignity and grace. They deserve for their pets to be cared for, attended to and even spoiled. They deserve a life free of abuse. And we are committed to helping them.

If you are a corporate grantor with an interest in learning more about serving this growing need and be a part of the solution, please CONTACT US.


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