Paw Paw


When Susan called a national domestic abuse hotline, it was with one purpose – to get away from battering at the hands of her husband. But there was one condition – she was not leaving home without Simon, the nine year old cat she had since he was a kitten. Susan said as much to the counselor on the other end of the phone. Not to worry, she was told. The Shade Tree Women’s Center in NLV, NV has Noah’s Animal House, an on-premise kennel in a 1480 sq foot facility… a place where women, children and pets can stay side by side at the same property. “I got in my car with Simon and drove to the shelter” says Susan …and hasn’t looked back since. Speaking with a reporter, she cautiously steers clear of talk about her previous life as a battered wife. But when the topic of Simon comes up, the sadness leaves her face and her eyes brighten. Susan is now living in an apartment with Simon – safe from her abuser. -Victims No More story by Cathy Scott, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.


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