Paw Paw


When Penelope came to Noah’s with her mom, we knew that she was in need of some rehabilitation. Her mom described the abuse Penelope endured from her boyfriend. She was very fearful of everyone except her mom and every time we swept or mopped in front of Penelope’s kennel, she ran to the back of her dog run and cowered. We let her get settled in at Noah’s House, got her up to date on her vaccinations and worked on socializing her. When she went to the vet to be spayed, she was also shaved to relieve the pain from the matting. Soon, Penelope was a totally different dog. Instead of barking and covering, she now jumps into the staff’s arms and licks their faces. She is at the front of the kennel seeking attention instead of hiding in the back. Penelope is a much happier and less anxious dog now.


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