Paw Paw


Medical Service Dog, Lexi, and her mom’s life has been in complete upheaval since her mom was put into the hospital from a hot-tempered abuser. Once Mom was taken from the household, instead of Lexi being permitted to accompany her in-need mother as required by law, Lexi was taken by Animal Control due to a call from the AMR officer. From the moment Lexi left her mom’s sight, Lexi and her mom were panicky and anxiety ridden. Mom spent her hospital stay and her recovery time on the phone with several different Animal Control representatives until Lexi made it safely to the Las Vegas Animal Foundation. From the hospital, Lexi’s mom made it her priority and most important goal to get Lexi out of the “pound”.

Once Mom arrived at the pound, her heart was shattered when they let her know that the bill would be a whopping $245.00 to get Lexi released. Mom, in absolute agony and anxiety ridden having to have left her family member stuck in “jail”, came to the only place she knew of to get help, The Shade Tree and Noah’s Animal House.

Three days after Mom got admitted into the hospital, she showed up at Noah’s door, beaten, broken, and inconsolable. Begging for Noah’s/Shade Tree’s help, she sobbed the amount of money she needed to come up with to get Lexi out of the Animal Foundation’s hold. Both parties went to work right away. With instructions to Lexi’s Mom to go back and talk to the Foundation, to let them hear her story, the staff at Noah’s Animal House began frantically searching through resources in an attempt to come up with some, if not all of the $245 Lexi’s Mom needed to get out.

To the delight of all parties involved, The Animal Foundation waived almost all of the fees for Lexi, a spay was not required or performed due to health reasons, and the total bill for Miss Lexi got greatly reduced to a mere $85.00. With full contribution from a great supporter of Noah’s Animal House, the $85.00 was paid in full and Lexi was given the “okay” to be released to her long-awaiting mother.

Seeing Lexi and her mother reunite was heart-melting to even the coldest of hearts. There were not dry eyes in that foundation lobby that day, not even Lexi’s! Mom and Lexi left that foundation with renewed hope, happily reunited and ready to begin healing with one another, both Mom and Lexi excited and passionate to begin their new life together.


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