Paw Paw


Cowboy’s mom, April, arrived at Shade Tree due to domestic violence. Her children were taken to Child Protective Services (CPS) and Cowboy was left with neighbors to ensure his care and safety.

April longed to be reunited with her children in a safe environment and knew they would need and want the unconditional love of Cowboy during this time of unknown and fear. Cowboy sadly disappeared from his temporary home and she searched for him while also struggling to be reunited with her daughter and son. Cowboy was ultimately found and brought to Noah’s House to be reunited with April. Shortly thereafter, CPS decided that April could have her two children, Jordyn (6) and Nicholas (15), on weekends and she was ecstatic to reunite her son with his dog. When the children arrived, Cowboy rolled around at Nicholas’ feet and then jumped into his arms where Nicholas happily held Cowboy, the 50 pound pit bull, like a baby.


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