Paw Paw


No one told Boo that he was a 100lb Rottweiller. When he looked in the mirror, he saw a loving, affectionate, young lap dog. Boo quickly became the resident pet at Noah’s and spent more time wondering through the shelter than in his kennel. While Boo’s mom attended support classes and job development at The Shade Tree; in effort to become self-sufficient to have the confidence to move forward with her life, Boo would visit the cat condo room and make sure they were all being cared for. He would then stroll past all the other dogs in their kennels while heading to the back door for some time in the sun. Boo suffered from years of health care neglect. Thanks to the support from several Las Vegas veterinarians, Boo received the highest level of care in his final days. We believe Boo had the best year of his life while living at Noah’s Animal House and the entire staff and volunteers at Noah’s and The Shade Tree mourned when Boo passed in the arms of Noah’s operations manager.


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