Paw Paw


My name is Achilles. I am a 12 year old Chihuahua mix. For many years my brother and mom lived in a home that was not very safe. Many times my mom left, but she was so scared that something was going to happen to us, she always returned. She didn’t care that she was forced to stay in the house all day, was not allowed to go out to see her friends or even a telephone. She did all this just for us. One day a friend of hers came over and saw how sad my mom was. Her friend found Noah’s Animal House and called for her. My mom couldn’t believe it! There was a shelter in Las Vegas that we all could go to together. I heard her ask over and over, “I can bring my dogs? For Real? Really?” Frantically, my mom packed her things and her friend drove us to The Shade Tree and Noah’s Animal House. As we checked in, we were still in shock that there was a place for me, my brother and our mom to be safe and the best part is that we were together. When we arrived, the staff gave us exams and noticed that I had several teeth that were infected. They called the veterinarian and she came to me at Noah’s and examined me. I was then taken to the hospital where they took care of my infected mouth. I lost several teeth and had to stay overnight, which I didn’t like because I was worried about my brother and mom. The next day I was taken back to Noah’s and so happy that my brother and mom were there waiting for me. Today, we are still at Noah’s and rebuilding our lives together. My mom says she has never seen me so happy and acting like a puppy again. I am happy because my mom is safe and happy. If it wasn’t for Noah’s Animal House and The Shade Tree I am not sure what would have happened to us.

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